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L’abstraction : l’expression essentielle

Le Don Du Fel  - France
Ken Eastman
Michael Cleff
Sangwoo Kim  
Deirdre McLoughlin


Architect and writer on design Róisín Murphy wrote a lively article on my work in the Sunday Independent. Work title: Nono ll, L 38 cm, year 2019, photo Rob Bohle


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BUMPUS - H26cm

BUMPUS - H26cm


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Galerie Franzis Engels Amsterdam


DIGITAL PRESENCE IN Gyeonggi international ceramic biennale

PAST 2018/19

het stille wit
in Galerie Franzis Engels

Resist Arrest IV  1993 - H45cm

Resist Arrest IV 1993 - H45cm

White Life I  2007 - L27cm

White Life I 2007 - L27cm

I am too  - two works 2018

I am too - two works 2018

January 24 - March 16


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Museum Ariana Geneva

Alison Britton
Richard Meitner
Marit Tingleff
Andrea Walsh
Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert
Anne Marie Laureys
Deirdre McLoughlin

Reviews of Exhibition in Ceramics Ireland, UK's Ceramic Review and the Australian Ceramics: Art and Perception of July 2018

Shortlisted for the Loewe Craft Prize 2018

Loewe Craft Prize photo taken by Kato Tan

Loewe Craft Prize photo taken by Kato Tan

‘Waterwork I’ springs from my daily cycle by the banks of the IJ en route to my studio. The IJ - a deep shipping lane at the back of Amsterdam Centraal.

I breathe in its atmosphere, its depth and expanse. For a few moments I remember as I go on that I too am made up of water – half my body weight.

Jun'ichiro Tanizaki wrote lucidly on objects that gleam in half-light. This idea impressed me. The surface on the interior of the form undulates and the glaze gives a soft glow and glistens deep inside.


Self-portrait from 1992 in REGARD X which opens March 7th in the Bourn Vincent Gallery University of Limerick 'to celebrate the outstanding contribution made by women to the National Self Portrait Collection of Ireland'.…/national-self-portrait-collection-i…